Updated Data: Officials and Managers

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Updated statistics on people employed as officials and managers from the American Community Survey PUMS Estimates (2014-18) are now on RACECOUNTS.org. These data report the number of people employed in official or manager roles per 1,000 people of the same race/ethnicity. People in these roles have greater access to better wages that open pathways to economic opportunity.

Performance: Statewide 55.5 out of every 1,000 persons were employed as officials or managers. Marin and San Francisco Counties had the highest rates among all counties, at 99.4 and 97.9 respectively.

Disparity: In California, non-Latinx Whites were three times likelier to be officials and managers than Latinxs. They were also approximately twice as likely to be in those roles than non-Latinx Blacks, American Indian/Alaska Natives, and non-Latinx Pacific Islanders. Imperial County had the most racially disparate rates. In that county, non-Latinx Whites were three-and-a-half times likelier to be in official or managerial roles than Latinxs.

Impact: Latinxs make up the largest racial or ethnic group in California, so any disparities in employment have the greatest impact on them. Click here to see data.

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