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Reducing health care access disparities

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REGIONLos Angeles, Merced, and Riverside Counties
ISSUE AREAHealth Care Access

California Calls, California Immigrant Policy Center, The Children’s Clinic, Chrissie M. Castro & Associates, Community Health Councils, Inc., Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County, Faith in the Valley, Golden Valley Health Centers, Health Access, Health Center Partners, Livingston Community Health, Merced County Department of Public Health, PICO California, Prevention Institute, Saban Community Clinics


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Los Angeles County’s health care access disparities are similar to those seen statewide, yet its performance on most indicators is poor – with especially poor access to a usual source of care.  While the ACA benefitted L.A. County more than many others – due to its size and high level of need – it continues to face many access barriers and challenges. Residents and leaders have taken the initiative, advocating for innovations such as a county safety net program offering comprehensive health care to impoverished residents regardless of immigration status via community health centers.

See report and interactive data HERE.

Reduce health care access disparities
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